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Bad IVR or something
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I am unable to get any lights at night on the dash for some reason need help lights not on also in the were you put the car in gear its auto?
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Check your fuses? anything else not working?
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Fuse first. Quite often the dimmer switch, the rotating knob by the Fog Lamp switch screws up. Its a rheostat and as such if its adjusted lots, wears out, or if never adjusted, just plain gets rusty on the face wiring, and with age they fail. Sometimes winding it around real fast both ways allows the lights to come back on again. I'd check there for power in, healamp switch on, and see if there is anything coming out!
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If it is the rheostat, rotating it all of the wasy around to "interior light on" will make the dash lights come on, as this deadshorts the ground that is run through it...

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