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Bad headlight switch?
Jimmy Yeo Offline
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Hey guys, so I'm wondering what's going on with my lights... First of all I need a new headlight switch anyways. As I have no dash lights or parking lights on the park setting, yet halfway to the headlight setting I get dash lights, but if I go all the way to headlights the dash and park lights turn off and my headlights go on. But there is a happy middle where I can get both to work,That isn't my main issue though, I'm wondering if there are right side left side fuses for my parking lights? When they're on, my parking lights only work on the drivers side, both sides work in the back yet the two passenger park lights don't come on, brand new bulbs. Checked for power to my sockets, no power. However my turn signals still work fine? I'm really concerned about this being out of my knowledge to fix. Has this ever happened before?
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Jeff K Offline
There is only one fuse for the front and rear parking lights.
Jeff Korn

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