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bad bad noise coming from turbo!!!!???
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hey guys...i cant remember if i had posted about this already or if i have, i apologize for the repost(i searched and didnt see anything) my turbo has been making this AWFUL noise here when the thing boosts sounds fine when i am just driving normal...but anytime i try to push the gas a little further...and it starts building up starts making this noise that is very distict...kinda like a screetching noise...but not a very loud i dont loose boost or anything when this happens...but i have noticed then when i get back from driving around and pop the hood...i can hear somewhat of a "hissing" noise coming from the turbo...i think its coming from one of the L shape fittings close to the manifold...i am not sure tho...i just wanted to ask you guys if there is a big problem or could it be something i just over looked? the turbo has never made this noise until it started getting colder outside(along with my stupid hesitation problem!!) but any help on this matter would be appreciated!!!!!
thanks guys!! oh and by the way...i have had a small oil leak around my oil line that goes from the turbo to the back of the block...not sure if its the sending or return line...but its laeking a TAD bit of oil from there...i tighten it up...but it doesnt seem to matter...could this be part of the screetching noise i am experiencing??
thanks again!!
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Pull the inlet tube off the compressor inlet and check the turbo's shaft for end and side play and see if the blades hit the housing as you try to move the shaft, both back and forth and side to side. See if you can see any marks on the housing that suggest the blades are hitting. Check the blade tips.

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