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Bad and good news
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Removed the head off today. Gasket was blown from coolant passage to the number three cylinders. Examining the head closer there was a pit mark, kinda like rust formed, and eat though the head. I had another head lying on the bench behind the car so i will be putting that on. But the next thing is where are the water and oil mixing???????
There are no visible marked on the gasket. So that is a mystery and will find out later

But i still have bad news. Since I've had dentination my number 2 piston is burned, but not enough to produce blow by, this is my only means of transportation right now. So im going to throw it back together and drive it. i cant stand having to borrow a car and not having mine. Until she dies is the way i drive!

Ill start rebuilding my disassemble engine in the basement in a few weeks, maybe bore it over, and add some after market stuff to make some real power. i feel a t3 coming on. Dont you???

I've enclosed pictures of the head i took off and the cylinders


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With the amount of water that was getting into that cylinder, it was likely being blown past the rings as steam. Then it would condense back to liquid.

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