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I had a BOV hooked up for about a month, then took it out and went back to my stock setup. Now if I turn the car on, cruise in 1st gear up to like 3000/3500RPM, then let off throttle and let the car drift, I hear backfire. Its not really loud, kinda like just bubbling in the exhaust. Could this be because I ran a BOV and the car was running rich a lot so it's kinda like getting the old unburnt fuel out of the system. Is that possible? I have not checked fuel pressure since I owned the car... When I floor it the air fuel gauge starts at the 3rd notch, then when RPMs get higher, it goes to the 4th.

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I'm sure any unburnt fuel is long gone. As rpms go over 3K the A/F richens up. This is programed into the computer

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