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Autolock Discrepancies?!
natmac3 Offline
I remember a thread a long while back about someone who wanted to disable their autolock on a matter of personal preference, but what I don't remember seeing or hearing is whether anyone else's autolock has engaged when the interior domelite is switched on then off????

I just reread the thread I was tlaking about and noone mentioned it.

Anybody? Domelite connected to your Autolock? Mine is... weird

fordtech58 Offline
That is normal operation. when the lock module sees imput from the dome lamp it thinks the door has been opened and attempts to relock it for you.
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natmac3 Offline
Great news! I never mentally connected the domelite input to the autolock, but that makes sense. Thanx.

MykeTTC87 Offline
My autolock doesn't work for crap. The only time it works is if I've been parked and I then put it into reverse. It never works on start up, never works when I put it into gear. It's weird. But it's nothing I'd bother fixing because I don't notice it unless it locks. Lol.

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