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Auto TO T-5 swap
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I traded 4 a 88 TC it has a auto thats gone bad ,i have all the stuff to make it a 5 speed ,,but what bugs me is if i do the swap will my firm ride still work ???this is my first TC ,don't know much about them , allways played my 5.0s ,,,thanks

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The trans swap will not have any affect on the PRC system. If it works now it should work after the swap as long as you hook up the VSS wiring to the manual trans.

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im going to do this same swap i have a 5 speed from an earlier tc (mine is a 87) the trans i have is setup for cable acuated clutch assembly what else do i need and how involved is installing the pedal assembly (i hope i dont have to pull the dash again i just did the heater core..)i assume i need the later bellhousing pedals slave and master fly wheel clutch etc is the hole in the floor in the same spot?? will i need a different crossmember or mount is the speed sensor from an earlier tranny the same?? can i use the onefrom the auto if they are not??? is the drive shaft the same??? any help from someone who has done this swap would be greatly appreciated ....

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In order for you to convert you gotta basically have the stuff from a 87 or 88...these both have/use Hydraulic need the lil resivor (!?) thing that holds the fluid...a bell housing that holds that hydraulic piece...of course the gotta take out the break and get both Break-N-Clutch together....Took me a while to get those in and outta do need a diff drive shaft..the auto has a big ole circular thing on it...and i could be wrong but i think they're diff lenghts?? As for the wires...I have no clue cause mine's all ghetto rigged... hope this helped somewhat...

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Use the search, i wrote up very detailed stuff about the swap i did it about 3 months ago. I believe you need the tbird manual tranny driveshaft, you dont need to pull the dash, but pull the drivers side seat out. The hole in the floor is in the correct spot, but needs to be opened up slightly, not very critical the cut from the factory was not very impressive to me. SEARCH and you will find lots of info check the dates the posts i did were anytime from september 2002 to now. After you read enough then ask specific questions before the fun part, doing the work.
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