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What is involved in changing an auto car to manual?? Is this a simple project or a huge project?? Thanks XXXXXXXX

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besides changing electrical components on the engine to make it make the power of a 5spd car, you need new cross members, pedal assembly, center console(new hole in floor) possibly drive shaft and this lists gets long. however, dont despair, you have a car that probably wasnt hot rodded too much, being an auto. you have much better rear geras for drag racing(autos were different) and you have a solid chassis that hasent beed twisted all to hel by years of abuse. ive never done one, so i cant be much help, but i wish you luck in this as this will be a car that you will know everything about, and that helps when it comes to reapir.

good luck


btw, is the auto in decent shape, and are you willing toi sell it? i live in florida and am willing to drive less than a day for it.

let me know


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There is a lot of info in past posts on this subject as several here have done it. It's a fair sized projec that could be done in a weekend if you gather all the parts first.
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I did the swap in my car.
Only parts i needed was.

1. pedal assembly
2. crossmember
3. shift boot and shifter
4. transmisson
5. driveshaft
6. wiring for the transmisson
7. slave cylinder and master cylinder for clutch.
8. New Cluch

I think that was about it.

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It's not tough -- frustrating at times, definitely time consuming for a rookie, but not a horrible job and the pay-off is huge.

If you don't have a parts car acquiring all the needed parts will be a pain. It was for me. Even after I had everything I thought I needed I found out as I began working not all the parts were right. I chased the correct flywheel around town for an entire day.

Read up - mainly on this site, Haynes/chilton manual - whatever you can find until you feel fairly confident. You'll either need a helper or a trans jack - that auto's heavy, and it is very tricky getting getting the manual aligned when you're putting it in.

You also need to get the car up in the air at least a foot. That's about what I had and it was JUST enough.

Otherwise -- remove, install...remove, install...remove...
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