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Auto brake bleeder system you can make
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Here is an easy auto bleeder system you can make with a glass jar and vacuum lines.

You need a glass jar with a screw on lid (Apple juice is what I used. Plastic is no good, it will crush under a vacuum) and allot of vacuum line. 30 feet is plenty

Carefully Drill 2 holes into the lid of the jar. (the lids are weak and will rip if the bit gets caught)

you need to make a way to connect 2 vacuum lines to the lid. I used threaded rod and drilled through them to make a tube. Attach each rod through the lid and secure with a nut and washer on either side.

Connect a short line to the inside of the lid on one of the threaded rods. Make sure the line is long enough to reach the bottom of the jar.

Add enough fluid to the jar to cover the hose inside the jar and place the lid on the jar. At this point you should have a jar with a lid that has 2 tubes going through it and a line attached to the inside of the lid.

Next connect a 3 to 4 foot line to the tube that has the line inside the jar attached to it ( you should be able to suck on the line and drink the fluid... yack!!! ) connect the other end to the caliper bleeder screw.
Next connect another line that is at least 20 feet long to the tube that does not have a line attached to the inside of the jar, then connect the other end to an engine vacuum source.

Start the car. Open the bleeder screw and the engine vacuum will draw out the air and start to fill the jar with fluid. you should see bubbles in the fluid if air is present. close the bleeder screw and move to the next wheel. Keep in mind that you need to keep the fluid level up while bleeding. This works for all kinds of fluid removal (like changing the oil in your lawnmower). I should say that this design really "SUCKS" but does a good job and is cheep to make.

I will post a picture if you want.


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Good idea. Can you use something else to supply vacumm, like a shop vac?
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sure all you need is an adapter

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I got the idea for this from one of these.

I used the oil changer to predrain automatic transmissions. So, when you drop the pan you don't get a bath. I tried it on breaks but could not tell if I was still getting air out or not so I came up with the jar trick. and now you know the rest of the story...

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