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ive had my 87 tc for about 3 months now and is in very good shape 4 the price i paid. the one bad thing is its an auto. i have it set to 18psi and it moves though 1st is a little slow from the start.the tranny runs great but i was woundering how hard would it be to put in a stock 5 speed trans? also would having that in boost my power from 150/200 to 190/240? i never really heard of a transmission boosting 40hp/40torque like that before. a little but not 40/40.

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also i heard to find a trans from a 2.3 mustang. would this work? i was told cause my buddy said it probably wouldnt be as beat as the turbo trans (87tc).

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the tranny dosent really give you the hp in a standard so much as the LA3 eec programing which u will need

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'87-'93 Mustang 4cyl tranny is the same world class used in the Turbo Coupes.

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yea one of em has a 5.0 And runs 13.1s......
uhhh make that [email protected] with a 90hp shot of nitrous.
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I didn't change the computer in mine - just the trans, boost control valve, and K&N. The power gained was tremendous.

The swap isn't that hard - time consuming - as is finding the parts, but not hard if you have any clue at all. Search the forum, there's all kinds of info on it.
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