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Audio question, double amplifiers
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Ok i just aquired a new 2 channel amplifier for the TC.
Im currently running int he front:
2 tweeters a 6 1/2 pioneer 3 way, and a legacy 3 inch 2 way on each forn channel.
This is what i want to do.
I want toi send both the Head unit input and then the amplifier output to each channel.
Kindalike ford did.
i want this so i can turn the ampflier off anf stil have power oging to the frotn channels.
Also all my amps have a switched remote wires so i can shut them down when i need to.
If this need to mroe specfic please ask cuz i woudl liek to do this, or wil it hurt the head unit?


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You can do this, but you have to make sure to wire it up in such a way that it never has the head unit and amp simultaneously connected to the speakers. Otherwise, current could feed back into one or the other and damage something.

I'd suggest a switch running to the coils of two DPDT relays (one for each speaker). You'd run the head unit and amp output wires to each relay, and then run the relay's output to the speaker. The switch would actuate the relay and make it switch from one to the other. If you need more info, e-mail/PM me and I'll be happy to help out.
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