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ATTN Sam Ford
DrPhang Offline
Senior Member
Hey Sam do you still have that old IHI turbo? If you want to sell it let me know I may need one.

Mr. Sam Ford Offline
Senior Member
I still have it, but someone else already asked about it. I'll see if he still needs it and get back to you

'88 Thunderbird TC, daily headache with a few mods, 14.65 and still not happy Smile

'86 Mustang GT, daily transport, fresh 302, Twisted Wedge heads, Track Heat intake, custom cam, all the associated goodies, 4.10s, hoping for mid 12s n/a

Doug2300 Offline
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Sam probably has a whole garage full..I think he is tring to corner the market on IHI's.. [Image: wink.gif]

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