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ATR exhaust
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I have some questions about the exhaust. Does the ATR downpipe replace the elbow after the turbo? And Im getting that and their 3in. single exhaust. That is $395. If I need a catalytic, how much would the downpipe be? Cause it says cat/race pipe is $195, and it says the 3in downpipe is $295. So do I need to buy both of those, or just one? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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My understanding is that $195 you get a converter AND a seperate pipe that fits in place of the converter for "off road/race" purposes.

On the down pipe, ATR claims the TC version bolts up to the existing waste gate (87-88, IHI turbo)

Their SVO system (T-3 turbo) down pipe REQUIRES an external, extra cost wastegate.

If you plan to eventually upgrade to a T-3 turbo, you might have problems. You might want to call ATR and discuss your options.

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I purchased a 3" Stainless Steel down pipe from Tiny Avenger for $100.00 and it bolted directly to the T3 turbo. It bends towards the drivers side of the car to avoid the fuel pump that is mounted to the rail of my car. You can contact Tiny by going to the "Vendor" section of this site and finding his web site.

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