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aquired a TC, sweeet
BJL Offline
i have picked up my new turbo coupe today.
its a 87 med gray on raven car.
its has the same options color, etc as my current tc, just that it is a 87, not an 88.
but through some labor and parts trades the car is mine. no money exchanged
plans are to fix her up a bit and get it drivable. has low fuel pressure, misses and bucks and the rear brakes are locked up.
it has been sitting in my buddy tony sciea's yard for a few years.
he bought it as a parts car when the previous owner couldn't get it to run right. its gonna be a slow process. but the car is complete, a few pieces were used for other cars and such.but once in primer or cheapo paint will look good. another high milage car with 180,000 on clock... low milage is for *******. he he he but low compared the turbo II' 277,000 miles.
she not pefect but runs...somewhat
i'm excited!
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
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Pete D Offline
Good deal Brian. I'll bet it's at Carlisle next year!
Pete Dunham


5.0TurboCoupe1988 Offline
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excellent! the best kind of deal. i hope they didn't cut the harness when they replaced the door. the ford "engineer" that designed a door harness that has to be completely removed from the door before the door can be removed from the car should be executed.
1988 TC 2.3/5-Speed, 148K

87TurboBobby Offline
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Don't you love a new TC?
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Tom Senior Offline
Thats a keeper and for no BUCKS. CANT BEAT THAT Big Grin Big Grin

zbird Offline
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Awsome, wish I could find one for that price.
Dom Z
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BJL Offline
yea great deal. love it, i dunno about carlisle, this will likly turn into the daily driver once i get it running correctly and cleaned up. maybe next spring spray some matte gray paint on it.

i was the one that put the door on it. i traded tony a t-3 for the door for my fathers 88 LX tbird and we took the door completly apart to swap it.
its been over 2 years and the door panel and arm rest are still on the back seat!

it was hard to believe at first, so awesome, im so excited.... just sometimes i feel my current TC is an expensive basket case.......
so i get a fresh unmolested start
Brian Larkin
88TC 330,000 miles
Slightly Modified

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