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Anyone watching Chop Cut Rebuild?
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I didn't notice any other threads on this, so I'm making my own.

Who's watching CCR? Did you see the '86 Ranger they're doing? They put a 2.3Turbo from a Merkur in it. I wonder what kind of performance stuff they'll do to it, if anything at all.

So far, all I've seen is they put the motor in and are trying to figure out the wiring. One thing does disturb me, though. They are having to fabricate their own tranny mount to make it work. Didn't 2.3 Rangers come with the T5? If so, that must mean they're using the Merkur transmission. [Image: eek.gif] They're going with all the original Merkur wiring, so I think they are. Why?

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Yea... I saw that today. I'm anxious to see if they do any tunnng, but I doubt it. I saw them put on the lower & upper on & they look stock... no porting or polishing. I also see that it looks like no intercooler from the pipe they were using from the turbo to the TB. Interested in seeing it complete & add a little publicity to our 4 cyl turbo world.

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The Ranger's did not come with a T5. Don't remember what it is but not T5
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I watched some of it...they're actually not using a T5..they're using an auto tranny (Unless they swicthed from the one I saw them putting in). I don;t think they've done anything "fancy" to the engine other than a basic freshening up..

My turbo Ranger on the otherhand will have a T-5 [Image: biggrin.gif]

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