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Anyone running a small ( 25-35) shot of nitrous?
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Might be picking up another 87 turbo coupe its been 15 years since my last one. I have a mods list that is pretty basic..

3" turbo back exhaust 
K&N cone filter
Manual boost controller 
Walbro 255 ho

Im looking for a good bang for the buck mod to get another 35rwhp max and if i decide to go this route i will be using straight 110 race gas and colder plugs on even a 25

Using a large shot of nitrous (300hp) on a turbo diesel i noticed a big increase in boost from 28 boost only to atleast 32 (maxed map sensor) so could have been 35psi.

With the turbo coupe and the 25 or 35 shot i would think its going to drive the turbo harder but im not sure if the waste gate will be able to regulate it.

So im looking for advice (pros and cons) on this idea from people with experience running a small shot .

Ive always believed nitrous can be safe when setup properly and sized properly for the application. And having a wide band and a hand full of fuel jets to dial it in.

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