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Anyone Install a Panhard Bar?
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Was curious if anyone on here has installed a panhard bar on their Bird? I think Huey866 and/or Jeffmerkur may have and PM'd them but they don't show activity on the board since sometime in 2016. There are a couple of guys over on that are looking into the Maximum Motorsports units but are gun shy on pulling the trigger being that no one over there has done it or will say they have. You guys tend to be a little more performance oriented so I thought I would post up here and ask.

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The PM question from d brune:
I read an old thread and you state that you have MM's panhard bar installed on your Bird. Was this the Fox Mustang version or the SN95 and did you have to make any modifications to install it?

Sorry for the delay in response. I would have caught this sooner if I bothered to check my e-mail regularly.

This is the Panhard bar that I purchased and installed, the installation instruction are pretty straight forward and went in about as easy as it could. There's really nothing to be scared of, I didn't even follow the instructions all that well and it still went in perfectly.

The only issue that can really be said is the the rear shocks are longer on the tbird so the body seems to sit a little higher off the back axle. If you're not lowered by a few inches, you may need to weld some strips of spacer metal to the bottom of the frame rails to drop the attachment point down. The C-channel bottom needs to make full contact with the frame rail for the load forces to be transmitted properly.
I'm lowered quite a bit so there's only a slight slope to the bar at rested ride height, as I did not catch before drilling the holes. That would be the only thing I would caution to check and double check.
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Reviving an older thread here. For those of you who installed a panhard bar on your Tbird, what shock mount did you end up using on the passenger side?
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