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Anyone get some work done this weekend
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So 18 psi is kinda the standard people like to run?
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(04-05-2019, 10:12 PM)50RACER Wrote: I just took my tail lights apart. Replaced a cracked passenger side lens, polished both lenses, disassembled them, cleaned, re-sealed with black RTV and put them back together.

How do you take the tail lights apart?  I've got a spare set but they need some serious cleaning and one has a crack in it that can probably be fixed with patience and effort.
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I was able to pull mine apart by hand with a little effort. Some heat would be very helpful in most cases.
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I'm still working on bringing mine back to life. I kind of went full resto, aside from paint which will hopefully happen next year. I've got easily 100 hrs tied up in this thing over the last year and half. Planning on having it done by the end of the this month. I refuse to miss another Carlisle with it. Big things left to do include install the new flex lines I purchased along with making rear axle brake lines and replacing all the pads, bearings, rotors and calipers. I also have to swap the dash out for a crack free one and replace the evap core, heater core, and blower motor. Along with like 20 other things lol
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