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Anyone ever thought of a convertable tc? I did this is what it would look like
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It was done from a real photo of my 88tc. then chopped with mspaint.
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looks a little blury lol. not bad I guess but no tmy cup of tea!

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doenst look bad, i could definatly pick up some nice lady friends with it convertablized
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Its real blurry because its mspaint, and the car is about 4 times its normal size from the original, I did that after a night of GOOD Partying, I think I was seeing triples toward the end. Also the Photo of my car wasnt really that great, and its about 10 driiferent colors of red, becase of fading and previous owners attempts at spray painting. The photo in the lower section is about the original size of the pic.

Edit added:
I just wish I had A. the cash B. the time C. the resources to get that done, It truely would be one of a kind. With a good paint job and my car stereo knowledge, and the resources I have here, it would be a show stopper, and street killer.
88 tc 5sp, Gillis, K&N on vam, Redneck cat back exaust (nothing from the cat back) 220,000 mile short block. Rebuilt 86 head and cam.

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have always wondered what a Carrera or a T Top would look like Just for Sh**s and giggles

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I don't recall ever seeing a Fox T-Bird convertible, period...which is a shame because I think the body would lend itself well to having the roof chopped.

Having a Cougar convertible I can say that it's...different. Lots of weird things to contend with (water leaks like you wouldn't believe, additional power window motors that die, expensive parts, etc.). Then again, the conversion company that did my car simply grafted on a complete Buick Riviera convertible top onto a chopped Cougar. Not only do I have to deal with faulty Ford electrical parts, but now I'm dealing with GM parts too! Don't get me wrong...having the top down is way cool...but there are always frustrating issues in the back of your mind. The expense is quite formidable too.

Also, you can forget about throwing the car around too much. Even with the subframe connectors from the conversion company, and other welding/reinforcing that I've done, the car handles so differently without a roof. Sometimes it's a little scary LOL. You lose a TON of stiffness. Plus, I'd be concerned how a turbo-4 could handle the extra weight of the car at lower speeds (car is approx. 3800 lbs. without driver). I do know of at least one '86 XR7 that was made into a convertible but never found out what trans it had.

There are days when I long to have a full roof back on the car. So be careful what you wish for... Wink
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YEah I may not get, it unless I run it under a diesel truck, thats about the only way I could chop the top.
88 tc 5sp, Gillis, K&N on vam, Redneck cat back exaust (nothing from the cat back) 220,000 mile short block. Rebuilt 86 head and cam.

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I had always considered trying to track down one of the long lost "dealer option" convertible Cougars, and just swapping the hood and the nose. With the top down it'd be pretty convincing...


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I saw one on ebay about a year ago. It was a low-rider. Take away all gaudy low-rider crap and the body looked pretty cool.
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i think it looks like a Chrysler Labaron Convertible
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