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Anyone elses walbro 255 HP sound like this??
ianbfromct Offline
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8 months old and sounds terrible now outta no where..
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mike schrijvers Offline
I've had mine in for a 3 years and there is no whining. Not sure why your is though.
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Jeff K Offline
I had a 2 or 3 year old Walbro 255 that started making whining noises back in the early 2000's. Fuel pressure also started to drop under boost. Dropped the tank, and found the filter sock on the pump full of rust. And I mean FULL of rust.... I couldnt believe the pump could suck any fuel at all thru the nearly solid pack of rust. solution was a nice shiny new gas tank, and new filter sock.
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Update..dropped my tank and found the Walbro's sock chilling at the bottom off my gas tank lol. Also I found a nice coating of rust or something in the intake screen of the Walbro. I reattached the sock after cleaning out the screen. Im very confident this was the issue and its been quiet ever since. Im gonna run the tank almost to empty and change out the fuel filter to be safe. Hoping running it semi dry didnt do any damage to the pump.
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i know cost and time may be an issue, but you WILL deal with this issue again, unless you clean and seal, or replace the tank. it is still available from some places, though i don't know that ford still offers it. at a certain point, the rust becomes a constant issue.

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Yeah Jon im gonna eventually have to replace that tank I know this..Just kinda holding off at this point. Ive been trying to get all the little stuff squared away so I can finally install this PIMP ive had sitting around for at least 6 months. Obviously if it happens again I got no other options. Seems like some people have had luck online with buying replacement tanks.
88 5 speed TC
-3" DP,lowered, 255 Walbro, Gillis valve, Cobra R's, bondo/rust, Stinger's PIMP Ecu

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