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any thoughts or offers are welcome
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so im still searching for an aux shaft. getting a account on turboford to ask there also.

new thing is, its hard to say but im thinking of not fixing it. ive had her for years and i love her, but its just been a money pit since i bought it. im going to have to basically pull the engine to make sure all the metal is out of the pan.(i read brians post about trying to clean the pan without pulling it) so my thoughts.... option 1 pull the engine clean the pan replace to aux shaft and dizzy put it all back together and sell it. option 2 pull the engine trans and wiring harness and after fixing either sell the set or keep it, and then either scrap the shell or part it out. either way its looking like im putting more money in her and more of my time thats hard to find anymore.

any thoughts in the matter are appreciated.

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