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Any one running Straight Pipe Exhaust?
DanMarshall Offline
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Just wondering if I should pull the plug and go to a little louder exhaust set up. Currently I have a 3 inch Downpipe into 2.5 Inch duals with Glass Pack Mufflers but I want a little something louder from the car.

But does it sound good or should I just leave it alone?
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natmac3 Offline
I think it sounds great. Mine is 3" from turbo to exit, and dumps by the right rear tire. It was disrespectful to anyone else though, so i put an auger-style insert in the end. Still sounds good.

Straight pipe all the way to the rear bumper would probably be awesome, but i like loud and dont really "commute" in the bird.

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The straight pipes setups I've heard makes the car sound like a tractor; my opinion is to stick with your existing setup. My TC exhaust is very similar but with straight-through mufflers. People remark on how it doesn't even sound like a four banger. :-)
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Jeff K Offline
I agree with Joe..... Straight pipes make it sound like a pissed off tractor, and quickly gets annoying. My 3" DP with 2.5" duals and straight thru mufflers sounds pretty good, and never gets annoying, even on 700+ miles a day on road trips.
Jeff Korn

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I always wanted to try it straight to the rear bumper, but like others have said people always really like the way it sounds as is with similar setup and you. Even car guys say i've never heard a car that sounds that unique. You might get some tractor comments tho with a straight thru? Another option that is in between would be to put cutouts that are actuated by boost. Always wanted to try that also.
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Dan S Offline
Since you live in PA, you might get more than "tractor" comments! More than likely the comment will come on a "Yellow" invitation to see a Magistrate, followed by a fine and instructions to report to an Inspection Station. The latter would be to verify a stock muffler has been installed.

Really cool sounds come from Dyno Max or Magna Flow straight through oval mufflers and they look stock to the prying eyes!

But, if your money supply is unlimited, the choice is yours.
Dan S
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I would ditch the glasspacks and do like others have said and put a better muffler on it.
Mine is all 3" with a Hooker Maxflo dumped at the axle and it sounds powerful without being obnoxious.
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I have had both , so I would say try the straight threw and if it does not work for ya , then add the straight threw muffler and that will lower the sound a little and still have good power, yes the tractor sound , but I like it . I used V-band to put my system on, that way if I have to work on it its very easy to take off . D.Wilder

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I have 2.5 inch straight pipe from the turbo to the bumper. It's loud, not too loud. The best is when you chop the throttle at high rpm, that's loud as hell. And I love it.

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Nope.....3" stinger dp and 3" tail pipe w/ dyno max stainless steel 3" muff. Sounds good when I get a chance to run it.
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