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Any Closure on Motor Mounts
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I was watching a thread last week on motor mounts for an 88 tc - I was wondering what was found out from the 3rd parts company that sells them - I think someone was going to call the company and repost their findings - any more info on this???

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uhhhm! Advanced Auto $30 bux a pop. Get the solid mounts.

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DUDE!! Advanced Auto doesnt have them around here (Ohio)!!! Their computer lists them for 29.99 (solid)/31.99 (liquid) but it states underneath that price that - they're for the tranny, NOT the motor. Are you sure they're the right ones?

I just bought used ones...
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The guy said he got a pair for his 87bird and they worked great. They needed to be orderd thow.

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I used the passenger side mount from a TC in a 5.0 car I had, fit perfectly. Although the right/left mounts are different for a TC, I believe the 5.0 mounts will work.

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I just ran accross this site. Says sealed poer mounts 270-2393 $24.84 passenger and 270-2394 $26.58 driver side.
Says they are in stock.
I have not tried them yet.

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