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Any 1983-1986 T-Bird Model Cars?
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Hello all, I'm curious if there are an "factory" (i.e. not Nascar/Drag-strip) model cars for the 1983-1986 model years? I picked these up at a Kroger (I left one in the box). I was thinking about either picking up another one and modifying it to look like mine (or paint my real one magenta with yellow flames, haha!) or getting a larger Nascar or Drag-strip DIY model and build it without some of the parts so it looks more stock. I did see that Matchbox made the 1987 and 1988 models along with the Super-Coupes. Thanks!

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Only ones I've ever seen are the '87-'88 models. Never seen a 4-eye "factory" model, unfortunately...
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There were a couple made. Good luck finding one.

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