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antilock brake light
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I pulled my tc out of the ditch with a chain, and bent the tie rod. Tie rod has been replaced and aligned. The antilock brake light stays on. What did I brake?

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there is a wire aroudn the fornt brake caliper that is oen of the ABS speed sensor, it may have been puled out when you pulel dit out of the ditch or when it was allgned.
check all aroudn, and doa code scan on the ABS, i dont now hwo to do it. soemboidy else nows how,

Brian J Larkin
1988 Turbo Coupe 5spd, dark blue , bought form junkyard with blown motor, dropped used motor in drove it for a year, repaint and body work by me, since owned done three head gaskets, 4 clutches, 2 motors and two turbos, one thing about this car, i keep fixing it , it must be the members of this board, always there to help! Thanks guys!

I got tons of spares parts I’m trying to get rid of email me with needs , I sell cheap I wanna get rid of it now
Brian J Larkin
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