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Anti-Lock Light on When Accelerating - Problem?
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Recently, my Turbo Coupe has had the anti-lock braking light flashing on under acceleration around 15 - 25 mph. It stays on for a few seconds then turns off. This only happens when starting from a stand still. And I tested the ABS to see if it was still functional and nothing seems to be wrong. Just wondering what the problem could be and if it should be looked into or if it is just a weird 25 year old glitch.

If anyone could help, it would be great.
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If the light was on, there should be a code stored in the system. You can pull them by shorting 2 pins on the ABS test connector in the trunk.

Without pulling codes, the first thing to check is the main valve connector on the front of the ABS master cylinder. There is a 2 terminal electrical connector on it, and the harness to it is a bit on the short side, causing the plug to loose contact when the body / engine twists a little under acceleration, braking, etc. Try pulling the connector off, reconnecting it a few times, and be sure there is no corrosion, etc present. The electrical connector is actually the same as a fuel injector connector. Might also want to check the 7 pin valve connector on top of the MC.

Another possible cause is one of the coax cables to one of the 4 wheel speed sensors has a small break in it due to constant flexing, and the break opens during acceleration. Another cause could be loose front wheel bearings causing the gap between the ABS sensor and tone ring to become too large during acceleration causing a loss of signal to the ABS computer.

I THINK there is a procedure for pulling ABS codes in either the tech articles or FAQs.
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