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Another seperate starting issue
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Has anybody else had this problem? My car is a pain to start if it's really humid or after it has rained. So, as I live in NC, this is a common problem. It does the same thing I explained in the first post, without the epilepsy. I know it has an oxygen sensor. I could swear I read somewhere it also has a humidity sensor. Or, is it possible the dist has a crack and there's condensation in it and when the motor warms up it dries out and self-corrects?
Cindy Abel
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I read your other post. I'm not sure the cap is the problem but check it anyhow.

I'd pop the cap and look it over good, inside and out. Another trick is to run it in a dark place and look for sparking under the hood. Can sometimes find a bad wire or cap that way.

Have you pulled the codes from the computer. How long has the car been acting like this and did anything happen just before?

No humidity sensor on the TC engine
Pete Dunham


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