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Another round of “guess these parts”
John B Offline
Once again; I need some help determine parts on my 88 TC. The first thing is the bracket of “stuff” behind the passenger strut tower. I thought I read that some of it was for the EGR but I have no idea. The second item is a random vacuum hose with what appears to be a gromet on it. Hopefully you can see the part number in the picture. I tried looking it up but didn’t find anything. This vacuum like has a tee in it. One end goes to vacuum manifold and the other line appears to run into the cabinet (boost gauge??). As always help is always appreciated

Behind passenger strut tower

Random vacuum line
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Jeff K Offline
The solenoid valve with the 2 vac hoses and 2 wires going to it is the EGR control solenoid. The other thing with just one vac line going to it is the overboost switch. If boost exceeds 17 psi, the switch closes causing the CHECK TURBO idiot light to come on and overboost buzzer under dash to buzz. Disconnecting the connector will disable the overboost warning light and the buzzer.
Jeff Korn

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