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Another Resolution To Discounted Clutch Forks!
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So it was time to do the clutch on the Turbo Coupe. Like everybody else my clutch fork tabs were toast, and i had the dreaded cricket chirp.

After heavily searching on this board and other places i seen you guys were breaking the clips off and using a jeep style throw out bearing with the tabs built in. Part #N2002 or 614017 but this bearing is NOT self aligning.

I did a bunch of research and found a Centerforce TOB that is the similar style which IS self aligning. Part # N1439

I'm going on about 100miles and everything seems to be working as normal. No noises, clutch fully disengages etc.

I will report back as i put more miles on it. But this seems like another option for us.
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Glad to hear it working.
Pete Dunham


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Nice find, mine just started to chirping this past summer with 110,000 miles on her. Going to change the clutch this spring and try this TOB. Thanks for the update.
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After driving 5000 miles cross country the chirping has returned. Not sure if it's the TOB though. Going to disassemble in the spring and see whats going on. You may be better off using the original solution.
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