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another option besides SDS or stand alone
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A good friend of mine pointed this out. This technology is designed by Bob Bailey. This guy is super smart. He also designed translator, translator+, scanmaster series of scantools for GM cars, DSM, Supras

I guess you are supposed to be able to setup bigger injectors, use a GM maf, or speed density. Hooks to a laptop for tuning or you can use the small controller. Soon the unit will have wideband WOT fuel corrections. If you have a LM1 this would be great. Set in at 11.5 all the way to 6500rpm. Life would be good. $399 to start with. Get some cheap mopar injecters, T3/T4, lean out the bottom end for spool, fat on the big end to keep the engine together.

I personally going to keep an eye on this...

Getting rid of the VAM would be OK to me.

Just thought would guys would like to know.


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