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Another must-have gofast goodie
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This should be worth about 10-50 RWHP right?

It would fit right in with the whole "Fake Turbo Sound" Doohickey that all the poor ricers are shoving in their tailpipes nowadays....Now you can sound like you have a turbo AND a BOV !!!

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"Let's Roll."
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What will they think of next?

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heres some math for yall..

turbo+good mechanic/owner=happy quarter mile times

n/a blow off valve+retarded honduh owner="i just got owned by a real turbo"

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"Make people wonder, 'Why is your turbo'd car so slow?'"

Hey, at least this one doesn't slow your car down, like the exhaust wistle.
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Now, raven, do you mean the exhaust turbo-sound thing? Or the Woo-Woooooo? [Image: rolleyes.gif]
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