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aluminum replacement head is a go
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Joe Morgan seems to have pulled it off with Esslinger to make a bolt on replacemnet head for the 2.3. Check it out.

Glenn 88TC
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Winter 2001-2002 upgrades - powerstroke intercooler(mounted full size or it won't be going in), 65mm throttle body, 42lb. injectors, custom grind roller cam, big turbo, rear suspension upgrades
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I know, I've been following it. I was so excited, I nearly soiled myself. Wait, I did soil myself...


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That's great for you guy's but $1500 = about $3000 Can so it's out of bounds for me [Image: frown.gif]
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Quote:Originally posted by GaryS#2:
That's great for you guy's but $1500 = about $3000 Can so it's out of bounds for me [Image: frown.gif]

Yeah, but don't you guys make about twice as much as we do in Canadian dollars? [Image: smile.gif]
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why did they write $150 on the link?
don't they mean $1500?

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Glenn is my hero [Image: biggrin.gif]

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