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Almost finished!
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Ok for the past 3 days I've been working on my side mount set up in the cougar. So far everything has gone to plan (for once) and all that’s left is the big vam LA2, adj. cam sprocket and the 255lph fuel pump (sitting in a box for now). Right now its a little ghetto fabulous but I'm working all the bugs out of it.
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Sweet! I love when everything goes according to plan! Well, at least I will if I ever get to experience that! Smile
1988 Turbo Coupe - A237 cam, K&N Cone, T3(.60-.63), 255 Walbro, Gillis BV, gutted and knifed intakes, ported e6, 3" elbow/dp to dual 2.5s, Kirban and spearco fmic.

Up next, ported head, t3/t4 upgrade.

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