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all most there :)
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my 88 tc is all most complete. hears a list of things that i need to be a new car

1*head light switches \worn,works most of the time
2*firm ride switch panel
3*sand paper
6*back seat
7*front seats
8*passenger head light
9*dash cover
11*new tires
12*brakes (rotors, pads for front)
13*some thing tat will stop the steering rack from leaking
14*center console lid
16*horn button
17*a\c (think i can bring it back to life)
18*back window (been cooked by years of sitting in the sun
19*rubber liner (for back window)
20*interior pieces paint (faded)
21*door panels
23*good engine bay cleaning

up grades i want

*t3 or t3t4 hybrid turbo
*ranger cam
*gutted upper and lower intake
*3' exhaust
i am looking for around 400 horse power ant help Smile
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LOL. Thats only 23 things. Smile You should be done by next week right?? Smile
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Sounds about like any TC I've ever owned. :S
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Some pictures:

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I've owned mine for 12 years, and am still working on it...
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Sounds like your restoring it Rolleyes

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yea after a year of working on her this is what shes come to and i am a proud 88 tc owner
S.STORY \ 88 TURBO (project 2.3) \ Laurel, Delaware 19956.

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i want a daily driver that is dependable but i want some power about 400 hp 3?? in torque. any help??
S.STORY \ 88 TURBO (project 2.3) \ Laurel, Delaware 19956.

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400Hp, 2.3 and dependable can't be used in the same sentence... Yeah some will flap and squak so & so did, but it ain't going to hold up long term... Now, 300Hp is a realistic goal, and a snappy street performer...
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wel i got a set of rear seats, they were black/raven interior but are faded. im sure maybe you could dye them or something. but if u want them they are yours. im not sure when i can get pics but it looks like your not in any major rush for the rear seats right now Big Grin seems like ur kinda in my boat, just getting her on the road, which i recently jus did with my 87 Big Grin and i love every minute with her, either driving her or fixing something else (and alot of cussing lol) i still love it
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+1 with TurboCoupe50

300hp is probly the most realistic goal and vary obtainable one at that Rolleyes

If you take project bolt-on for a example you'll notice hes at 445hp, 480 lb-ft but you'll read about his problems with the clutch slipping and if you read his comments on hes been having problems with some bad blow-by.

You see how clean this car is? Thats only because its stored in a garage at all times and only brought out at race days yet with a almost new Mustang and motor he's still having problems and there not easy fix ones ether.

Then I ask you this what do you need all that HP for, hp is fun to show off but if its going to be used as a DD car I can't think of anything good coming out of it.

Keep use up dated on the restoring of the TC Smile

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