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ALERT!! Fuel Injectors!
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Hey all, I just received some info on some injectors that we at RockAuto are offering

MOTORCRAFT Part # CM4637 {#E7SZ9F593A}
Brown; E5ZE-A1A,A2A,A3A,A3B; 4 required per vehicle

These are listed as a Brown top. What is actually in the box is a 36Lb per hour HIGH impedance BLUE top injector. I've read mixed results on if these will actually work or not, but I just wanted to give people here an FYI post about them.

And thanks to Ron who called me up to bring this problem into the light! I also e-mailed our catalog to let them know to take them off until ford fixes their listings. (Ford actually screwed this up, and it trickled down to motorcraft and then us).

Thanks all!
All hail Project "Marauder" !

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