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Air condtioning compressor replacement
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Several years ago Joe Cool posted a thread about someone in the Atlanta area that replaced the ac compressor with a Sanden unit in lieu of the Ford Compressor. He did hoses, accumulatore, compressor and (I think) the condensor. For a resonable price. I used the search function but can't find the thread. Did anyone save it as a link?
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Rod, I completely rebuilt my AC system a few years ago, and got a new in the Ford box HR980 comp from I seem to tremember it cost about $130 for the comp without the clutch. I replaced the hub bearing with a new one (rockauto had them at the time, along with a new direct fit accumulator / dryer and hose and new liquid line / orifice tube), and reset the clutch plate gap. I still have a decent stock of R12 which I used to refill it, and it has worked perfectly ever since.

If my old guy memory serves me correctly, Joe had his AC redone by a company called Hose Wizard, located somewhere in the south, maybe Georgia?
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In the vendors list, Hose Wizards is correct
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