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Air cleaner for smog
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Hey guys!

I pretty much just got my 87 TC. Last December actually. The thing is though, I still need to get it smogged and registered for me to be able to drive it... Sad My dad and I got a new cat for it,a new egr valve, and a new fuel pump. The thing that I'm worried about is the air filter. The dude that had it before me just put on this little cone filter on top of the VAM and let it sit there. Would it pass smog like that? or should I find a stock air cleaner box? or buy a CARB legal cai? I just wanna get it done and over with but I don't want to hit a snag on the way. I tired searching for a topic like this but I didn't find any. I might've missed it though, so if there is one that would be great too!

Here are a couple pics:

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The line from the canester needs to be hooked up

I have a cone in the fender and just rigged it to look hooked up for smog

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The line is hooked up already. So, all I would need is to put it into the fender?

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Just to be clear, the big fat line from the canister (looks like 5/8" heater hose and has a molded in bend) needs to go to the intake after the air filter and before to VAM. The thin line (looks like vac line) from the canister needs to go to the vent / rollover valve on top of the gas tank.
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As said above, you will need the carbon canister hooked up. The cone filter will depend on the smog tech. Some may be ok with it while others will fail it on the visual. Safest bet is to get a stock airbox. I would at least get the cone filter into the fender where it is harder to see.
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