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Went out tonight to buy a new rack and pinion for my 88 TC. The current one is leaking. Went to both Advance and Autozone with the same result. Neither had the part, but could have it tomorrow. Although I did not have the core with me, I had already removed it and told them I would bring it in when I picked up the new part. I was paying with cash. Both stores would not order the part for me unless I paid a $20 core charge. Pay a core charge for a part that they did not have in stock? I walked out of both stores. I will buy it tomorrow from a local non_chain store.
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Dude... If you haven't been there before, check out JK Auto Parts in Gainesville. That's the only place I get my parts from anymore. If they have to order your part, you won't have to pay anything at all until you pick it up. Cindy is good to work with. When I walk in there now, the first thing she says is, "Hey - ok is this for the T-Bird or the Bug?". Plus I usually pay for my parts when I order them and since I'm usually never back in the area before they close, they hide them outside for me so I can just grab and go. Love 'em...
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