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Adjusting the PRC for Drag Racing
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Adjusting the PRC for Drag Racing
by Glenn Spangler

Having traction problems at the track? The stock adjustable suspension for the 87-88 Turbo Coupes might be able to help. The goal is to get the front of the car to rise quickly and the rear to squat slightly. Too much squat is bad because when this happens the tires are actually moving away from the pavement and losing the weight of the car. Even with street tires you should be able to manage (with plenty of practice) 1.9's to 2.1 60' times. These little free tricks will help tremendously. Remember, for every tenth you knock off the 60' time you will drop up to 2 tenths off your quarter times.

If you are launching without boost (5 speed car without a 2 step or not building boost on the brake with the A4ld) then you can set the ride control switch to auto (make sure the firm light is out) and unplug the actuators on the rear shocks. The actuators are the on the top of the shock mounts inside the trunk. The plugs are right at the actuators. This will keep the rear suspension soft and will allow the car to squat and plant the rear tires. The front struts will be left alone. On the auto setting they will be on soft allowing the front to lift and as soon as boost builds they will switch to firm and keep the front end from lowering too quickly and losing momentum.

If you are launching with boost (5 speed car with 2 step or auto building boost on the brake) you need to do a few things different than above. You better have good drag radials or even slicks to handle the extra power. It is a big difference in power when it hits. The fronts will be adjusted first in this setup. Put the ride control switch to the auto setting and make sure the firm light is off. Unplug the front struts at the actuators. The actuators are on top of the strut towers and the plugs are right there. This will keep the front struts on soft and allow the front end to raise quickly. We can't use the auto setting like above because the struts will switch to firm when the car starts building boost on the line and you will launch with them in the firm setting. Cars leaving with boost will also be making more power so the front end will not come down too fast even with the struts on soft. Now put the ride control switch to firm. We will leave the rears alone because with the extra power from being under boost the car will squat too hard and actually lose traction.

Both setups will benefit greatly from undoing the front sway bar ends (tie the sway bar up to avoid it banging around). This will allow the front end to rise even quicker and higher.

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