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Adding factory illuminated entry?
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I want to add illuminated entry to my 88 TC. I found the module, but I didn't have time to get the wiring and everything.

What I did find out is that the wiring goes from the module (on the driver-side electronics tray behind the back seat), then goes under the passenger-side door sill. When it gets to the area in front of the passenger seat, it goes toward the center tunnel. I lost it at that point because I didn't have the time to remove the seat.

Also, I took the light-up lock cylinder out of the door, and it appears that the light ring is pressed on to the cylinder. Is there an easy way to get that off, or will I have to find a TC with an ignition key and get the door/ignition lock cylinders too?
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You have to get a new igniton lock cy;linder and door locks, the illumination is part of the actual lock, you have to replace the whoe thing
I have wiring forma 88 Cougar ls with the keyless illumination entry thing, ive been trying to get it off the rest fo the harness but it is agravating. Im just got a Remote starter with keyless entry and so on, and will be uinstallign it, but im gonan be using ford illuminated entry to my car so when i do unlock the doors the dome lights come on and i goign to be adding a set of neons under my car and the ones near the door will come on when the doem light is on ( to see where you step out to or step to get bakc in, dont liek slidding on ice into my car, and looks neat [Image: wink.gif] )

SegFaultxr7: i like you ideas about addign all the options to your "optionless" car, email me offline i have soem other idea to add to this.

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