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AC Compressor Clutch Disassembly
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AC Compressor Clutch Disassembly
by Steve Beem

Step 1:  Remove the nut in the center of the pulley.


Step 2:  Remove the cover plate.  While it does appear to have internal threads in the center both that I worked on just fell off.


Step 3:  Remove the large nut that retains the pulley.  I used a hammer and a punch alternating hitting the two sides.



Step 4:  Now the pulley is loose and can be removed.  The bearing is in the center of the pulley.


Step 5:  The clutch can now be removed.  Notice the tabs on the compressor and matching holes in the clutch.  Since there are only 4 of them it is fairly simple to get the clutch (and plug) clocked correctly.


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