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FORD P/N FOR ABS RELAY IS E7LY-8Z658-A Second relay [Ford says it's an ABS and Cooling Fan Relay] no longer listed they found it by P/N stamped on old one FORD P/N IS F8PZ-14N135-CA MOTORCRAFT P/N DY-866 They say it's a universal relay plug in looks different but plugs into my 87/88's ok.First one cost $20.50 2nd cost $10.50 Hope This Helps Someone oldturboman

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The local Autozone store used F8PZ-14N135-CA and has a stock replacement, Sorensen MR14, for $11.99. Looks pretty much the same as the old one, and fits correctly in the holder.

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I had my relay fail last night, and almost put me into a bus.

I bought a replacement relay from Advance Auto Parts, it was GP Sorensen part# MR120 and it cost me like 17 bucks and some change.

Posting this mostly for when people do a search, and cant find the part number or where to get it.

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heres another Part # it is for the napa relay ECHAR373 price I saw was 24.99 this is for the abs "power" relay

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