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does anybody know if other ford or lincoln/mercury vehicles came with the same abs systems as found on the 87-88 tcs? i was just wondering for future parts on junkyard trips, in case my system decides to go. thanks.

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I think the Lincoln LSC had ABS. Not sure which parts off them will be the same. I know the ABS unit on theMaster Cylinder is the same. Not sure about wheel sensors. Front rotors are different - 5 lug vs. 4 lug. I have heard that the front calipers are the same except that the piston is larger the the Tbirds.

Hope this helps.

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well it makes sense to me that if ford engineered an abs system, they would use it on several different vehicles for a few years. does anybody know if the wheel sensors and other components are the same on the tcs and lscs without going to the junkyard and finding the two to compare? also, how many years did ford (lincoln) use the type of system found on the 87-88 tcs? a search of the internet has not been sucessful yet for this information. thanks.

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