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Well Anti-lock light ahs been intermittantly coming whiel drivign down ther road. off the brakes. all stared after i put ina set of jensen 6x9's in th rear deck, i took the bakc seta out to put them in form the bottom of the deck so i dunno if i acutally messed up soemthign or not, ir just that is was coesnitdetnal?

so i trhough this was odd that it just would come and well stay on til i shut the car off. just sucks cuz once the ight is on the ABS is disabled.
ok i read intot his at work using Mitchel OnDemand diag program. it states:
Rear inlet valve check fault

then to test says
disconnect 7 pin connecter, check restance between pin 3 and 7.
if resistance is 5-8ohm repair circut 496a or 511b

so i check resitanc ei got like 7.6 somethign i dont remeber off the top of my head, its late. and i have jury duty int he morning yaa!

well next just messign aroudn i look at my EVTM and say which soliniods go wereand what wires.

7 is common gound and 3 is the inlet ofr rear.
chekcign resistance ont he soliniod blcok
i got 6.6 ohms for inlet on the rear to pin 7, say as wiht al the the inlet, fl & fr.
outlet was 3.9 ohms, same with outlets on fr & fl. so im guessing i get to go wires tracing.
any body ever have a simialt problem with a wire gorundign out and the best way to do this? i used the ford shop manual and vaolt meters in school, but they gave soem heavy dudty diag charts. shoudl i do this the same, use the shop manul and just foloow it back. or is there a common connecter soem where i easuly check?

i have a feelign i may just runa new wire all the way form the connecter tot he ABS module

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