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ABS Accumulator quick question
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Sorry for having two topics at once Smile I'm trying to get stuff wrapped up. The big move is coming up this week and this car needs to be done before we go.

This is the accumulator that I took off (it's back on now):

This is the accumulator that I bought at the JY:

This is the inside of my MC where the Accumulator attaches:

I tried to get the new one in, but I sprayed fluid on the inside of the car and all over the street (as seen in the inside pic on the inner fender) because it wouldn't seat properly due to the nipple on the end (and the lack of a nipple on the old Accumulator).

Is that piece on the inside of the master cylinder a broken-off nipple from the accumulator that I took out?

Thanks again

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If I remember correctly... There are two types of accumulators, they look the same externally, however the nipples are different. It looks as if you have the two different styles. I don't think anything is broken off, although I can't tell what that piece sticking up in the MC is.

Put the old one in and verify it isn't leaking, then if no leaks, get one that looks like the old one, not the JY one.
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I ran into the same problem. I bought one from a Super Coupe and it had the nipple. Just get something between the nipple and the threaded part and pry the nipple out. It is the same without the nipple pressed in. It worked great for me. I guess the nipple was added for the Super Coupe type ABS but when you pry it off they are the same. Even the numbers on mine were the same. Hope this helps.
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I agree with Bobby and vegas-ss.
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Thank you for the info. Funny thing is that that accumulator came out of an 88 turbo coupe!

Thanks again!
88 Medium Red Turbo Coupe. 172K. Stock. Horrible A4LD. 5k miles since 2006. She will be a part of my family as long as I am.

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