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? about volvo adjustable bpv
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i got one from a j/y this weekend and when i installed it the car will not idle. i hooked it up two different ways and still the same thing. i havent tried to adjust it yet. anybody know the deal with these setups? need help thanks steve
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Sounds like you have a vacume leak somewhere.
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Are you dumping it between the VAM and the turbo inlet? If dumping it before the VAM, it amounts to a huge vac leak.
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it was just to atmosphere. im gonna tighten down the adjustment screw and see if that helps. i have 19" of vacuum at idle. as soon as i hooked it up it would not idle. i guess ill play with it for a while and see if it was worth the $10 i gave for it. i read earlier that they are set really light and open somewhere around 5" of vacuum on the volvos. so it at least needs adjusted right.
88tc (sold) but keeping an eye out.

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