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AAACK! Intermittant inertia switch!
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About 2 weeks ago, my TC died pulling up to a stop light. Took several cranks to restart it, but I had it running again before the light turned green. Ran a code scan, and jiggled the engine harness. No codes, and the motor didnt miss a beat while shaking the harness. Figured it was just a one time thing. Few days later, it lost power, and tach dropped to zero for a second on the freeway, but it picked up right away again. No codes, etc again. Ran fine for a few days, then died turning a corner. Popped the hood, and looked at the permanently mounted FP gauge, and it red zero pressure. It took about 5 cranks to get it to start (couldnt see the FP gauge while cranking, and it was too noisy outside to try to hear the pump run), but after that, it ran fine the rest of the way home. I didnt think it was the fuel pump, as the 255 only has 20K miles on it. It didnt feel like a TFI/PIP problem to me, and besides, The Motorcraft PIP and KEM TFI are only about 10K miles old. Felt more like a major loss of electrical power.

Next day, tried a known good IRCM I always carry in the trunk, suspecting a bad fuel pump relay. Ran fine for a day, than died again. That led me to the inertia switch. I tapped into the 2 wires at the inertia switch, and ran long wires to a test light laying on the pass seat, and drove around. Ran fine for 20 miles, and then died. The instant it died, the test light went on briefly. Pulled off the road, and cranked it. During the crank, the test light stayed on, indicating the inertia switch was open! (Nearly all the system voltage was dropping thru the test light, as the fuel pump has very low resistance when not running.) Removed the test light, shorted the 2 wires, bypassing the inertia switch, and it fired right up. Drove home, and unshorted the 2 wires, and it still ran... the inertia switch had reconnected itself. The inertia switch was intermittant! I have seen inertia switches fail before, but every one I have seen fail just plain dies. A quick trip to the local Ford dealer resulted in a new switch, and $40 missing from my wallet. Another strange TC problem solved. [Image: smile.gif] [Image: smile.gif]

Jeff Korn

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Jeff Korn

88 Turbo Coupe: Intake and exhaust mods, T3 turbo at 24 psi, forced air IC, water injection, BPV, Ranger cam, subframes, etc., etc.
86 Tbird 5.0 (original owner): intake, exhaust, valvetrain mods, 100 HP N2O, ignition, gears, suspension, etc., etc.
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