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a4ld questions
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Are the only differences between a a4ld trans from a 2.3 n/a and turbo the vacuum modulator and the valve body? Can the n/a valve body still be used if I remove 2 ball style check valves from it?

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Im not sure but when my car had the crapriffic A4LD in it,I changed the modulater and it would never shift right.I thought it may have been the wrong one but I put many different ones from different stores and it never worked right again.I put the old on eback in and it shifted great.
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I did a fair bit of research on this, and this is what I found out:

There are two main differences on the trannies.

one - valve bodies - the turbo version has 2 less check valve balls then the n/a one. Same valve body.

two - vacuum modulator - the one for the n/a will not work properly as it operates at different points and different pressures than the turbo model - hence you will have shifting problems - especially the 3-4 shifts.

Otherwise, they are the same.

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