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A4LD compatibility
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Can I get any A4LD and just change the bell housing on it or does it have to be specifically for a tbird. I was thinking about doing the 5-speed conversion but due to the fact I'm VERY lazy.....I really don't want to be bothered. I would just think its easier to throw the same thing back in. I know about how crappy the A4LD's are, but I'm looking for the cheapest less laborous route.
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In my opinion, it won't be much harder to just install a manual. It would be more expensive in theory unless you got everything used (but that would be a bit ridiculous on a 50K mile car...)

For everything you're going to have to do (disconnecting wise), the only added effort you'll have to go through is installing the pedal assembly and slave cylinder, and re-wiring the backup light switch when you go back together with it all. Big deal? I think not.
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John, with some careful parts gathering, you could do the conversion for say $500-700 and then never touch anything for 100K miles. And the car will be much more fun to drive

Go price a GOOD rebuild for you A4LD. I don't mean what you would get at AAMACO. A good rebuild is going to cost you 2 to 3 or more times as much and you still got a POS transmission that you might get another 50K out of.
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i had a A4LD in my 4.0 powered ranger that i rebuilt at 150,000 miles, the internals are heavier than other a4's. can they be installed in lighter duty trannys ? The last i knew my brother-in-law is still driving it with more than 250,000 miles on it.the only reason it needed repair was i lent it out and the driver put it into reverse at speed and took out the OD sprag .
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i agree that the internals are beefier , but i dont know how much longer it would last behind a turbo motor, espcially if you are going to do anything wtih it. they are bad about the sprag breaking, even behind a n/a 2.3.
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My cousin has said to me on many occasions that an A4LD is a very decent transmission when built properly, and can handle way more HP and Torque than a T5. Of course that's a $2500 to $3000 rebuild. I believe him, he was the master mechanic for the Jeepers Jamboree (I grew up helping him in my summer times) from the late 70's into the early 90's. If there's a way to destroy something...Rock climbing and off roading will find that way.
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I just got my a4ld checked out, fluid changed, & filter. The car has over 210k on it, and I don't have any history on it. So I had a reputable shop check it out for me. They said there was practically no debris in the pan. So I'm good to go. Going to take the car on a 300 mile shakedown run this Monday. I was thinking about changing over to a 5 speed, but for now, my thoughts are to just run it and see how things go.
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