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Where can I find a reliable rebuilt A4LD tranny for my car. It is an 87. It is slipping really bad right now. I checked O'reilly auto and they can get me one for $1200. Does any one know if they could get one cheaper? Thanks in advance!!!!

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well, short of a total rebuild by a professional(which will still be on the weak side), the A4LD is pretty much crap. C3's and C4's do better, but for an 87 that may be a bit involved to swap. a T5 is even more intensive, but well worth it if you like to drive a 5 spd.

im sure theres someone who has gotten an A4 to hold, but id guess its pretty costly.

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I have one that has about 5,000 miles on the rebuild (Cottman Trans.). I'm swapping to 5-speed for the heck of it.

You can still hear/feel it shift now as it is still in the car. I drive it to work every day.

Shipping will be a beast though.

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I thought I saw a while back something about the Explorer Tranny as a swap for the A4LD - I don't remember where I saw it though...
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